How To Choose Air Conditioning System - Home Appliances Plus

What do you expect from an air conditioner? To beat the heat and make your home pleasantly cold. Some ACs can’t keep your room that cold -  it reminds me of the meme “you had one job”. Your air condition had one job to keep you cool, but it failed massively. Did it actually though? Most of us tend to forget that we need the right size of air conditioner for it to give off the cold stream of air. Also, it’s not just about the measurement but a lot of other factors that make a home air conditioner versatile, for instance, air purification, humidity control in summer and monsoon, additional heating in colder months, etc. Nowadays, a modern air conditioner offers more or less all the additional features mentioned above depending on the size and the price range.

Therefore while choosing an air conditioning system, it’s crucial to do a bit of research before purchasing. Don’t rush to buy an AC just because it’s in the sale and you can spare some money buying it cheap! The research starts from the internet, so start researching more and more. In case you are clueless, start with this article. Today, we will be explaining some tips for choosing the right kind of AC for your home.

Choose the right type of AC 

As I said earlier, choosing the right kind of AC based on your and home’s need is very important. At first, figure out the area of your home. If you are unsure how to do it, you can check it using a calculator online by hiring a professional. Assuming you have found out the size of your room, emphasize on keeping a realistic budget plan, don’t just assume and make a budget plan. A good rule of thumb is to keep checking online for the latest AC models. Keep a mental note of the prices and base your budget around that. Make sure you keep a few extra cash at hand for emergencies. Now, based on your budget decide, which type of AC you would want. Is it a window AC, a split or a portable one?

A window AC is the most traditional AC which looks like a rectangular window. It is a wall-mounted AC and works as a single unit. Split air con is also wall-mounted by, but unlike the window counterpart, it has two units. The third one in the list is a portable AC; it’s smaller and portable so that you can carry it in every room. So, based on your rooms, the budget and your AC preference, you should be able to find a suitable cooler for you.

Understand the cooling capacity

Cooling capacity should be your utmost priority while checking for the functions of an AC. The cooling capacity is a way to gauge how efficiently an AC can eliminate the heat in your home. If your house is bigger and you want to keep all the rooms cool, opt for a powerful AC unit. If your rooms are smaller, then you don’t need a heavy-duty one. While searching for the cooling capacity, you can take help from experts to get an accurate air conditioner.

Look for Energy Efficiency

This is crucial for you if you want to save both energy and money. People get confused about whether an appliance is power efficient or not. If you are one of them, there is a pretty easy way to find out how good your appliance is. Look for the Bureau of Energy Efficiency or BEE ratings. Those little stars that you see over a fridge or a microwave those are BEE ratings. A rating of 5 stars is the best energy saver, and 1 star is the least. Energy saver means it can save electricity, hence keeping the bill low. Aim for 3 stars rating and higher if you want to save electricity.

Look for filters and dehumidifier as additional features

These features are the cherry on top of your cake! Filters like anti-bacteria and dust filters are necessary considering the pollution we face. If you have infants, you wouldn’t like them sniffing bacteria, pollen or allergens. The filters take care of those and purify the air by 80-90%. Also, look for a dehumidifier as it can remove excess moisture from the air during humid weathers and eradicate the growth of moulds, bacteria and fungi.

Final thoughts

A last piece of advice for you will be, installing a certified energy star product can help you to qualify for tax credits. For that, we recommend you to buy from a trusted company. So there you have it, a few essential tips on how to choose air conditioners. Hope the tips and suggestions work out for you. Happy AC shopping and installing!