6 Great Kitchen Appliance Brands For Your Next Buy

Want to buy new kitchen appliances for your kitchen? Brand conscious people always struggle to choose a brand that serves them with the quality of an appliance. As the kitchen appliance industry is proliferating, the longing for innovation is also sky-rocketing. You don’t want to get stuck with an appliance for ten years, right? Not saying that is a bad thing, but with constant innovation and upgrade of technology, you would miss loads if you keep using the same appliance for ages. So, upgrading is necessary; it makes your life easier. When you look for upgrading your kitchen, you have numerous brands in the market, but are all brands good? Certainly not! So which one to buy? We answer this question by offering you a list of the best kitchen appliance brands below:


Whirlpool is a famous brand that offers a wide selection of good quality kitchen appliances. Being a highly reputed appliance brand Whirlpool is easily the first choice for a brand lover. The appliance service aside, Whirlpool has top-rated customer service that can solve any problem you face. From repairing to solving an issue, you will always find them by your side. This makes Whirlpool and its brands accessible to the people, for which people love the brand so much. A lot of thought goes to research and designing, which reflects on the appliances. The intricate designs and details, the precision, etc. all are top-class, thanks to the designers. 


Yes, LG makes kitchen appliances, and they are one of the best! For some, LG might be a good brand that manufactures phones, but LG is more than this in reality. From washers and dryers to fridges and ovens, they produce everything. And the parts, ideas, and technical features they include in their appliances surpass all the expectations. Thus they are known as one of the best domestic appliance brands in the world. Don’t be wowed by this only because there is so much to tell. LG garnered an impressive collection of awards and praises from the customers and the critics, respectively. Yes, LG’s appliances fall on the expensive side, but if you want an appliance that stays with you for a long time, LG is your guy! With that said, its price range is lesser than Whirlpool, so if Whirlpool’s price tag gives you a budget issue, you can easily choose LG. 


Bosch just took kitchen appliances advancement many notches up by integrating the phone system into their kitchen appliances. Confused? To simply put, now you can control your kitchen appliances through your phone. So, if you are out, you don’t need to worry if you forget to turn them off; just pull out your phone and take quick actions. Easy-peasy! All the appliances Bosch manufactures are safe to use and family-friendly. Millions of people love Bosch because they always stepped up with new ideas to help overcome global issues. They create sustainable appliances that do not harm our environment. Their appliances are sustainable, and that won the hearts of the users.


KitchenAid has been there since the 1910s. It started with a simple model of dough mixing appliance in the earlier days. KitchenAid still holds a high standard and reputation. For this reason, the appliances are a tad bit expensive from the other brands. However, if you spend money on an appliance of KitchenAid, it would easily last 10-15 years. If you are seeking a mixer for your baking business, go for KitchenAid. It doesn’t end only with mixers; KitchenAid has now extended its reach to manufacturing high-quality toasters, refrigerators, and kettles.


Not only Samsung is the highest brand for mobiles and smartphones, but it is the number one brand for kitchen appliances. Samsung is known for their quick thinking and smarter usage of technology. And they made sure their kitchen appliances are made with that same agility and methodical approach that makes life easier for their customers. Another great advantage is Samsung makes both high-end and affordable products that target customers from every budget range. For a budget-conscious buyer, Samsung offers high-quality, budget-friendly products with stylish looks.


Electrolux is not a high-end appliance brand, but don’t be fooled by that. It offers pure sophistication with it’s modernised pattern and brilliant usage of technology. Most of Electrolux products can easily be compared to high-end brands for their top-notch designs and best service. In short, Electrolux is a company that makes sense in terms of your quality and budget. The materials incorporated in the appliance production is strong and durable. That means the brand’s kitchen appliance can last as long, if not longer, than many prestigious and expensive brands. And that is saying something!


There you go! 6 great kitchen appliance brands for you as promised. For an expensive appliance, you have Whirlpool as a great option and for a more affordable choice, choose either Electrolux or Samsung. Also, when buying a product, always keep the guarantee/warranty in mind. It’s logical to buy a product that offers more warranty because that would mean you will get free service if your appliance gets broken down amid the warranty period.